SEBLOD is a powerful content construction kit and web application builder for the Joomla! Content Management System. Released in 2009, SEBLOD is recognized as one of the leading and innovative components of its kind. With its ecosystem of plugins, out-of-the-box applications, drag-and-drop interface, premium support packages, extensive manuals and more, SEBLOD is the best way to take complete control of Joomla! and extend it to suit your needs.

  • SEBLOD's History

    SEBLOD (formerly known as jSEBLOD CCK) is a Joomla! Component that was initially released in 2009. The early adopters may have also used its little brother, so called "Little CCK", which helped Joomla! content editors to create customized Joomla! Articles using custom HTML templates. Since then it has evolved in to a fully-featured Content Construction Kit and Web Application Builder for the Joomla! CMS, and has been made available to the community for free all these years.

  • What is a Content Construction Kit (CCK) and Web Application Builder?

    By default, the Joomla! Content Management System comes with various "objects": Articles, Categories, Users, and User Groups. Each comes with a single set of fields (content type) and parameters that allow web administrators to easily add/manage new content items, but almost everything is pre-defined. As a Content Construction Kit (CCK), SEBLOD enables you to change these default Content Types by adding and removing fields, or even create entirely new custom Content Types of your own, such as Portfolio, Products, Recipes, ...
    A suite of additional features and plug-ins unique to SEBLOD expand its capability beyond that of a traditional CCK, which is why we refer to it also as a Web Application Builder. Learn more about Content Types.

  • What is Joomla!?

    Joomla is PHP and MySQL-based, award-winning, Content Management System (CMS), which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla! the most popular web site software available. Best of all, Joomla! is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.
    Read more about Joomla at www.joomla.org/about-joomla.html

  • SEBLOD is Open Source

    SEBLOD is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 or GPLv2, which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others. This open development model means that people are constantly working to make sure SEBLOD is a cutting-edge component that is frequently updated with new features, kept up to date with the latest Joomla! releases and kept bug free. Feel free to get involved with SEBLOD development on GitHub.

  • About SEBLOD.com

    On this site you can download the latest version of the SEBLOD Core package, browse and download free and premium SEBLOD extensions (such as templates, plugins, applications and add-ons), and use the community forums. To demonstrate its power and flexibility, all of the features and functionality you experience on this website are built with SEBLOD. This enables the development team to build new features, test them and release them to the community quickly.
    SEBLOD.com also features:

    • a blog to help you stay up to date with latest developments
    • the showcase to demonstrate live websites build with SEBLOD
    • the tracker to report bugs and glitches to be fixed by the development team
    • tutorials to teach you how to perform special tasks with SEBLOD

    VIP memberships are available to give you premium access to items on the SEBLOD store, access to our private support forums and much more.
  • Documentation

    Documentation is continually added to SEBLOD.com on the manuals page or videos page and many online training videos contributed by the community exist on Youtube and throughout the web. We welcome community participation in the development of SEBLOD documentation – if you'd like to be involved in this, feel free to create tutorials or please contact james.morrell[AT]seblod.com