22 Definitions
  • Add-on (SEBLOD)

    In the context of SEBLOD, an Add-on is a Joomla! component that brings additional features to SEBLOD Core package.

  • Application (SEBLOD)

    An Application (or App) in the context of SEBLOD is a ZIP archive consisting of both: SEBLOD Elements (Content Types, Fields, Search Types) and Joomla! Extensions (Plug-ins, Templates) that can be installed on any < Joomla! + SEBLOD /> website.

  • Back-end

    The back-end of a website refers to the Joomla! administrator login section that reveals the Joomla! content management features.

  • CCK

    CCK is the acronym of Content Construction Kit.

  • CMS

    CMS is the acronym of Content Management System.

  • Content

    A content item is an individual entry in the database comprising information that has been entered through a form. In SEBLOD, each content item is defined and structured by a Content Type and stored in a database. This means that its data is separated from its layout. Site administrators and integrators get an advanced control over the way the Content is going to be displayed by using Templates.

  • Content Construction Kit

    A Content Construction Kit (CCK) allows web developers to build new Content Types that structure and store Content items.
    The "CCK" or "Content Construction Kit" concept was initially introduced by Drupal.

  • Content Management System

    A Content Management System (CMS) is a Software (usualy a Web Application) that allows to build websites and online applications without any specific coding skill. It provide the ability to create, edit, manage, publish Content Items, Menu Items, Users and ACLs directly from a User Interface (Back-end and/or Front-end).
    Drupal, Joomla! and Wordpress are the most popular and most used Content Management Systems.

  • Content Type

    A Content Type or Custom Content Type is a set of Fields that define and structure Content items.
    It is a standardized data model made up of an Admin Form (for entering Content items in the back-end), a Site Form (for entering Content items through the front-end), and a Content View (for displaying Content items in a full-page view).
    Content Types are also known as "Node" in Drupal, or "Post Type" in Wordpress.

  • Core

    The Core is everything included in SEBLOD Core package.
    As opposed to More.

  • Drupal

    Drupal is an Open-source, PHP and SQL-based content management system similar to Wordpress and Joomla!

  • Field

    A Field or Custom Field is an element of data, defined by a SEBLOD Plug-in.
    It is part of a Content Type and can be a text, a date, a file, a tag.. or anything else that could characterize a Content Item.

  • Form

    A Form or Web Form is a User Interface which allows an End User to submit data that is going to be processed and/or stored. SEBLOD handles both Back-end and Front-end Forms.

  • Front-end

    The front-end refers to the visible elements of a website that are accessible without logging in to the back-end. This can be publicly visible aspects of the site, or restricted aspects of the site that are available through a user log-in form.

  • Joomla!

    Joomla is an Open Source, PHP and SQL-based Content Management System (CMS) built on a Model–View–Controller (MVC) Web Application Framework.

  • List

    A List or List View provides the ability to show a collection of Content Item (or parts of Content items) on a single web page. For example, a List would be used to display all of the titles of articles that belong to a single category.

  • More

    Any Joomla! Extension or any SEBLOD Product (Add-on, Plug-in, Template) that can extend SEBLOD Core features.
    As opposed to Core.

  • Plug-in (SEBLOD)

    In the context of SEBLOD, a Plug-in is installed to Joomla! and can expand SEBLOD's functionality in any one of eight areas: Field, Live Values, Links, Objects, Restrictions, Storage Formats, Typography, Validation Rules.

  • Search Type

    A Search Type accompanies a List and allows the user to define which content is shown in the List. In SEBLOD, Search Types are configurable by adding fields to the Search View of the Search / List Type.

  • Template

    A Template provide the ability to control the display and layouts of any SEBLOD-based Content, Forms and Lists.

  • Web Content

    Web Content is the textual or multimedia content part of a Content Item, such as: texts, images, videos.

  • Wordpress

    Wordpress is an Open Source, PHP and SQL-based content management system similar to Drupal and Joomla!