Memberships are really the easiest way to get started with SEBLOD.

Every month, you'll get at least one new application !
Each app tries to focus on a specific use case or a specific feature. You can easily learn from it, and see how things work.

It includes different products (free or commercial) and gives you a good basis that can be extended and customised to fit your needs or your clients' wishes.

And for those who are already familiar with SEBLOD, that's also a good way to be efficient and reduce the cost by reusing these ready-to-use apps.

If you have any issue with your exclusive products, you'll find Private Support Forums, with 48h response time. (72h during the weekend)
Of course you can continue to use your applications/plug-ins/templates on unlimited domains.. even after your membership period has expired.
You just do not get access to any support, updates, or additional products released outside of your subscription period.
We've chosen not to apply automatic renewal. Thus you won't be surprised with a recurring payment.
You'll get notified by email before the end of your membership, and if you want to renew, you'll be able to do it manually.

We offer members the ability to renew from 60 days prior to expiration to 30 days after current membership has expired.
For each renewal, you'll have a loyalty discount which will be at least 20% off the price.
For now, when you buy a subscription/membership you need to logout and then login again to be able to download the products associated with your membership. We are working on this workflow so that we can improve it in future.