Features, Usability, Surprises..

For a full list of changes consult the changelog, which include:

  • App Import / Export refactored & completed.
  • Conditional States & Triggers v2 added.
  • Computation Rules added on Content Types. 
  • Performance improvements and optimizations.
  • Stages added on Content Types >> Multi-page Forms.
  • Router refactored & improved >> /id-alias, /id, /alias .. your choice!

This version is the base of a system composed by the huge set of applications, plugins, templates and add-ons released gradually over the coming weeks.
Importation and exportation of your applications are fully operationals. An application is just what you create with SEBLOD. All your work can be used on other sites by exporting or importing your application in one click. An application can be achieved only through the native SEBLOD software or enriched by specifics plugins and templates which are automatically exported into your application. An application can be composed of forms (interfaces) and content types, search engine, lists of content, content management, templates, plugins... that's why we are speaking about APPLICATIONS.
SEBLOD is often known for its CCK (Content Construction Kit) features and rarely for these forms features. Data management (forms) is the heart of a CCK. SEBLOD 3 revolutionizing forms managment by offering you the possibility to build dedicated interfaces, multi-pages forms, complex conditions between your fields, calculations in live between values ​​of multiple fields, default values filled dynamically ​​(such as the name of the logged in user), presentations with your fields in tabs, slides, forms by drag and drop in the template positions ... Developers will certainly enjoy using different methods of data storage as a data table (in horizontal mode), JSON...
SEBLOD 3 is jumping to the final stage of the integration with Joomla. You select in the SEBLOD configuration the level of integration with Joomla; manage or not articles, users, categories... select layout type of the integration in Joomla interfaces such as joomla article manager...
You can build your own specific content management on administration side as well as the front side. It's the freedom!
SEBLOD is the tree that hides the forest. It offers you a new generation of online tools to create tomorrow's web.

Innovation at work.
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My Comment

11 years ago
Awesome tool!!!


11 years ago
I like it!

SEBLOD V3 is...

11 years ago

Wow.. its fantastic

9 years ago
Seblod definitely expand joomla capability, I trying to make website similar like jobjungle, but I must be passion in my learning-curve phase with seblod. Great Job...!

Very beautiful!

9 years ago
We need to know, as we the wider community can use the ecomerce?

Salary slider

9 years ago
Nice job, would like to see some day manual or video for "salary slider".

ecommerce release date?

9 years ago
Hi there!
Impressive site, congrats!

I'm on the verge of starting to put a real estate plattform together. One thing that is not yet clear, is the payment process (basically the same thing you set up for the different job ads in the site here). Is there any news when SEBLOD ecommerce is going to be available?

Thanks for the compliments

9 years ago
Thanks for all the compliments on the site. Very happy with how it all turned out.

SEBLOD eCommerce will hopefully make an appearance to the public later this year (2015) in some form. However that is not known for sure, because as you can imagine there are many many aspects to such an add-on that need to be polished before it's ready for General Availability.

BUT, if you have a project that requires this functionality, and it is a project for a serious client, Octopoos is available to partner with you to implement the functionality on the site. You can contact them through their website with such a proposal, which is how this site got built.


Congratulations and thank you

1 year ago
Congratulations on the milestone of releasing the first version! Thank you for continuing to make this great software available to the public.


1 year ago
wohooo congratulations guys

Hi Seblod Team

1 year ago
We are the 12 August, and i would like to know if SEBLOD 4 will be released on time or if i have to wait until september or later ? Many thanks for your works and your feed back ! GG

When release SEBLOD 4?

1 year ago
Hi guys,
When to expect a stable release of seblod 4 and how heavy will be the upgrade from joomla 3 to joomla 4?

Thank you 👍

It is not possible to install Seblod 4.0.2 Prieview 9.

1 year ago
Unknown column 'language' in 'field list'
Install package: An error occurred installing the extension:
Error installing the package -Installation.

Either I keep postponing the migration from J!3 to 4 or I guess I have to say goodbye to Seblod... :(

SEBLOD 4.0.3

1 year ago
Please download it

SNV Services

11 months ago
thanks for share