Elisa Community Spotlight
Elisa Foltyn from Designbengel
Catch Elisa for a SEBLOD session at JoomlaDay Austria on November 20th, 2015!
When did you start using SEBLOD?
In 2011 - i was working with Olivier Nolbert (Developer at Octopoos) on a project where he introduced SEBLOD to me.

Did you try any other CCK components for Joomla, and why did you end up choosing SEBLOD?
For projects requiring special enhancements, I used K2 before. This is also where i know Olivier from, he developed some awesome extensions for K2 and therefore we got in touch in about 2010 and had some projects together. Then, in 2011, Olivier came around with SEBLOD and showed me an overview of SEBLOD over Skype. For our first project we then developed a very full-featured apartment booking site.

What is your favourite SEBLOD-powered website that you’ve built and why?
One of my favorite projects is  smilo.me - this site is about recruitment in the dental sector. SEBLOD manages all the career opportunities and job searches and some news around the topic. Candidates can apply for a job directly on the job ad page and possible clients can have a look on the candidates which are active searching for a job. I can hide contents from non-community members and attract them that way to get a free membership in the smilo community. And many more great functions.

Another one is the work for some McDonald's Franchise Restaurants. The owners can upload their coupons and promotions to the site and display their restaurants on a google map with some facts about the specific branch-restaurant. Busdrivers can sign in to make a stop there, parents can book birthday parties for their children.

Let me mention one more project which shows the huge possibilities of the component:
I build up a site with a very complex booth order form. Exhibitors from the application form can be marked by a manager as active and be automatically shown in a searchable exhibitor list in the front end. Visitors can order fair-tickets through a SEBLOD form and register to the website. Since the Trade Fair is only b2b i could add an trade license upload field inside the registration process. The Hotels which offer special prices for exhibitors and visitors could be managed easily through a comfortable form and have a beautiful output on the website.

What advice would you give to new users looking to get started with SEBLOD?
Get an overview of what area in SEBLOD is responsible for which output. Be creative what can be possible with inputs and outputs. Because that´s what SEBLOD is all about. Feed it with love and get awesome results :-)

Anything else you’d like to add?
Meet me at the first  JoomlaDay Austria in Vienna for a SEBLOD Workshop :)

Special thanks to Elisa for talking with us and sharing about her experience with SEBLOD! All the best at Designbengel.
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