New App: Redirect
Redirect your internal pages using SEBLOD
One of the biggest benefits of using a CCK and Web Application Builder like SEBLOD to manage your content is that you're able to  build custom administration interfaces for your customers. These interfaces enable you to enhance their user experience, as you can specifically craft the features you give them; they only see what they need to and nothing else.

The latest app release brings even more possibilities to your custom administration interfaces by giving you (or your customers) the ability to manage your page redirections. There's no need for them to have back-end access to use the core Joomla redirect component, or write lines of code in an .htaccess file. The SEBLOD redirect app brings total control over page redirections to one central and easy to use location, and  it's now available for download to all SEBLOD Club members.

In keeping with the vision of SEBLOD as a layer which integrates completely with Joomla Core, your redirects that are established with the SEBLOD redirect app will also appear in the core Joomla Redirect Component.

A short tutorial about  using the SEBLOD redirect is also available now on the Manuals page.

About SEBLOD Applications (apps)
A SEBLOD application is comprised of multiple SEBLOD elements (Content Types, List & Search Types, Plugins and Templates) in a package in order to deliver out-of-the-box functionality for your website. Existing Apps and new monthly releases are available to club members subscribed on

Features of applications include:
  • An installable .zip file that can be installed through the Joomla Extension Manager on any Joomla site that has SEBLOD installed
  • Back-end and Front-end managers for your content
  • Full front-end content management
  • Plugins - Apps will often come bundled with some premium plugins available off
  • Templates - similar to plugins, SEBLOD templates are also bundled in to applications
About SEBLOD Apps Club
Membership to the SEBLOD apps club entitles you to access all SEBLOD apps and new releases during your subscription period. You also receive access to VIP app-related forums, giving you priority support from SEBLOD professionals.
Note to existing club members: There have been some delays in app releases recently. Please rest assured that your subscriptions will not expire until you have received all the apps you are entitled to. We do apologize for the delay!
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