Joomla Innovation at JAB From Octopoos
A Preview from the Octopoos Team
2014 was a big year for the Octopoos team. We were fortunate to work on some very large and challenging projects. While these projects brought challenges, the outcome of these challenges is innovation. Our presentations at JandBeyond are about sharing these innovations with you!

Friday 29th May (Day 1)

Join Sebastien (Saba) and Olivier in the "Seven" room to look at Enterprise-level search innovation using Google Search Appliance (GSA). In today's modern technological era, high-end companies require smart, scalable and universal search engines to organise their huge amount of data in order to be more efficient, and improve their business.

While there are many Enterprise Search solutions, we're going to showcase the use of Google Search Appliance (GSA), a solution that we have been using for a couple of years.

Just in case the sound of efficiently searching and indexing huge volumes of corporate documents doesn't get you excited... the content we'll be using in our case study is your favourite TV series: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Better Call Saul... You name it! Come along an share your favourite series with us.

With this case study, we'll be looking at features like Autocomplete, Dynamic Navigation & Smart Filtering, Meta-data Indexation and Relevant Suggestions.

We’ll also invite some of you to create your own wall thanks to our “Content Creation Automation tool” & “Query Builder”.

Saturday 30th May (Day 2)

Join James and Sebastien (Bes) in the "Sarah-Jane" room to explore the new opportunities in Joomla to offer a branded and simplified content administration interface for your customers. Content administrators have very specific goals in terms of what they need to accomplish on their websites. Part of Wordpress’ success (at least in the early days) was its simplified UI for bloggers to achieve their goals of posting and managing their blog posts, and the removal of unnecessary clutter that stood in the way of these goals. In other words, Wordpress made content administration easy through a simple UI.

The shift in recent Joomla releases towards expanded front-end content administration functionality presents massive opportunities to simplify the lives of content admins. With native Joomla 3.4 front-end content management functionality and the power of a Content Construction Kit, it’s possible to craft an entirely customized and branded content management interface which caters exclusively to end user goals. In this presentation, James & Bes will demonstrate how this is possible, the advantages, and how it can be used to leverage more business.

We look forward to sharing these presentations with you, and answering any questions!
The Octopoos Team
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