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Simon Dowdles has been around for quite a while now. Once doing a presentation of SEBLOD at Joomla! Day South Africa, once giving some support to the community on SEBLOD Forums, and of course developing some useful plug-ins for SEBLOD.

He has just launched his own store on, and here is what he's offering:

SD Field Concat
Allows you to concatenate multiple field/string/date values into a single field value.
This is a well known plug-in, and as far as we know many users will be glad to see this updated version, compatible with Joomla! 3 and SEBLOD 3.x
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SD Live CCK Field

Allows you to use any field value from the main article on your page as a live value.
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SD Databaser
Allows you to use the value of your field to perform a database query & use the result as your final field value.
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SD Simple Simon Template
Lightweight Templating for content that trims out many HTML markup elements.
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All these products are compatible with SEBLOD 3.x, and are available as of today.
Of course he's already working on some cool new products. Thanks Simon!

If you want to follow Simon's steps and open your own store, feel free to contact us.

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Great to see the extras... but...

10 years ago
Just a thought, for those of us who want to use Seblod, and take it to the next level, purchasing each individually is sort of a pain. Any possibility of packaging them for one price? For developers?

Subscriptions and product packs?

10 years ago
Isn't it possible to make subscription for a year @ some price? Buying one by one is ... painful.
And additional price for applications.