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It's time to update your websites!
Today, we've released a bunch of updates. Days after days, it gets more and more stable!

First, you'll find the availability of SEBLOD 3.3.4 which is a security release.
The "download" task was too permissive, and we've restricted the way it works. Be sure to update your websites as soon as possible.
As always, it also bring several improvements and fix some issues that you've reported on the tracker. Changlog here.
An upcoming 3.3.5 is already on its way to fix more issues, and we will publish it when it's ready.

Many products have also been updated, please find the list below.

Updated Add-ons: Updated Plug-ins: Updated Templates:
We take the opportunity to release a few more plug-ins that you may find useful in your different projects.

New Plug-ins:
That's it for today. But stay tuned... because we have some upcoming news that you're gonna love.. for sure!
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