Search Improvements & Natural Sorting
(Almost) 12 ready-to-use Apps for SEBLOD
Here is our latest major release of SEBLOD. SEBLOD 3.5.0 is available, and it comes with new features and improvements.

This new package brings:
  • XML format on List View. Our Sitemaps App makes use of this feature.
  • Ordering Modifiers (Length, Numeric). This helps having Natural sorting on Lists, when needed.
  • New "Empty" and "Each Word Exact" match modes.
  • ... and various improvements here & there.
Please find the full changelog (3.5.0), and be sure to read the previous major one (3.4.0) if you haven't checked it yet.
And of course, we have a few additional items that you may enjoy as well.

New Applications: All other applications have been updated, please read the changelogs.

New Plug-ins: Updated Add-ons:
Updated Plug-ins:

Hope you'll find some of these new capabilities useful for your projects! 
And, if you use SEBLOD, please post a review and a rating on the JED.
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Seblod with other Templates

9 years ago

i have a special question ... does seblod not work with the tmplate joomspirit_82 ? why ?
This Template is my favorit and i have finished many article with and in this ..
Now i must changed to Multisite - i will use prefered seblod - but i will not write all sites new ...
Is there a Doc / FAQ avaible for my Doing ? I Have a Page and now i must include
Subdomains and more.
Regards Klaus (sorry for my bad english).