Ajax Based Load More Results
Load More Results for Accordion, List, Masonry, Table, Tabs
Yeah! Today is the day we release the final package of SEBLOD 3.6
It has been a long journey... but it's worth it ! This is the biggest release since SEBLOD 3.0

Firstly, this new major release comes with tons of fixes and improvements.
Some related to delete or download tasks, list rendering, markup, routing, and others for performance improvements or consistency.
Beside that, let's highlight some of the features you're gonna love:

Ajax-based Load More (aka "infinite pagination")
Any SEBLOD list can now features "load more" capabilties.
Our Accordion, List, Masonry, Table, Tabs templates have been update to support this behaviour. ( live demo)

"Leave Nothing Behind" crowdfunding project
This project goal was to improve the removal process in order to delete any additional stuff (image, file, ...) attached to a content, when the content itself was removed. This has been implemented in SEBLOD 3.6, please test and let us know if there is any issue.
Many thanks to Rumen Fidanov who initiates and leads the campaign, all funders, and anyone who made this project come through. Thank you SEBLOD community.

Content Type inheritance (parent / childs)
This feature has also been implemented thanks to the community. It has been funded by Pulsar Informatique, in order to fit one of their clients need.
So.. SEBLOD 3.6 introduces the ability to create Childs content type (related to one single parent)
For example, let's say you have a "Product" content Type including generic fields such as "Title", "Snippet", "Price" and that you need to have n types of Product with their own custom field... you'll be able to create a child content type for each one:
- "Clothes" (with "Product" as parent), including "Fabric", "Size" as custom fields..
- "Vehicle" (with "Product" as parent), including "Horsepower", "Make" as custom fields..
While creating a content using one of the Child content type, the fields including in parent will automatically be displayed/added !
Many thanks to Cyril, and all Pulsar Informatique's team members.

Retina images support
We've added the "srcset" attribute on the Image Typography plug-in, which let you use a different thumb for @2x or @3x.
Your images will shine on Retina displays while keeping small sizes for low pixel-density devices.

A few more notes:
- With this new major release, we officialy drop the support of PHP 5.2
Almost none of you should be impacted with this, but for those still running under PHP 5.2, we strongly suggest to upgrade your hosting to PHP 5.3 (or higher!) before updating SEBLOD.
- We've switched the SQL table storage engine from MyISAM to InnoDB.
- We've removed the "GROUP BY" clause in the core query for all "Search & List".
This should not affect native queries because:
   o each primary key (pk) is unique within the same Object (storage_location)
   o aggregate functions are only supported with the Search Query plug-in which now includes “GROUP” input
      (ability to append specifics GROUP BY clauses manually, if needed!)

And much more... please read the full Changelog.

Be sure to make a full backup before updating to SEBLOD 3.6

Of course there is more. You can download right away 4 new free plug-ins from our marketplace...
And a bunch of updated products are available as well.

New Plug-ins: Updated Add-ons:
It seems that there is an issue with the "updating process" of the Updater Add-on, and we still need to have a look on it.

Updated Plug-ins:
Updated Templates:

What's next?
We are currently working on the next applications, and we'll publish several apps as soon as possible.

That's all for today! Feel free to leave your comments below.

Enjoy the JoomlaDay France (Nice)... for those who are there for the week-end.
And, if you use SEBLOD, please post a review and a rating on the JED.
Displays items with an accordion style.


Great, great, great

9 years ago
Now you are talking :)

Let's see what you've done now - starting :)

Thanks a million.


9 years ago
Well done guys, there are some huge advancements here...


9 years ago

Congrats Sebloders, thanks a lot!

Can't wait to try 3.6

9 years ago
Looking forward to upgrading tomorrow ;) Thank you Seblod and Community!

Nice job!

9 years ago
I've install it, and add "Ajax-based Load More" on my list view, it's working like a charm! Thanks Seblod!