SEBLOD 311 Preview
Feature Sneak Preview
Our SEBLOD 3.11 release was planned for December 2016. However, a number of unforeseen setbacks has delayed it's official launch. So, instead, we want to share a sneak preview of some of the main features that will be included in a short video. While SEBLOD 3.11 may be slightly delayed, it also means that we'll be able to pack a few more features in to this release which will make it even better! We look forward to sharing it with you officially soon.
SEBLOD 3.11 Sneak Preview from Octopoos on Vimeo.
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Very nice

6 years ago
Very nice new features and a sneak preview.

It would be grate if we can have this kind of previews for all new feature. Many times I've read the change log and I see new features which are not documented and I've wondered what that is! We have to be supermen to guess what you've created. Without a documentation the new features are almost useless.

Thank you,

Nice presentation

6 years ago
I can confirm, it's easier to understand than read the changelog file!


Very Much Appreciated

6 years ago
I agree that it would be great to have previews like this produced prior to releases as I agree that the changelog is hard understand what do the changes mean