Github & OSTraining
Get ready for the next stage of Development and Learning
We have a few exciting announcements that we’d like to share with you.


We strongly value the support and talent of the community of web developers who use SEBLOD to implement their websites. In order to take SEBLOD to the next step, we’ve opened up the source code of SEBLOD Core on GitHub to accept community involvement in the development of new features. We encourage you to get involved, and we look forward in to what we can build together!

New Training Available

As part of some ongoing improvements to providing the community with quality education materials on how to use SEBLOD, we’ve launched a new training series in partnership with our friends at OSTraining. In the series we take you through a case study of building a restaurant directory, and use this scenario to show you a bunch of neat SEBLOD features. Of course, the learning in the series is not just limited to directory-style sites, there’s a lot of concepts – including walkthroughs of brand new functionality in SEBLOD 3.4 – that you can use on almost any SEBLOD site.

OSTraining offer a fantastic free 7 day trial. After that, you can subscribe for future resources and to get access to tons of other great Joomla-related training videos. We’d like to give a special thanks to Steve Burge and his team at OSTraining for partnering with us for this training series, and for interviewing us to find out a little bit more about Octopoos and SEBLOD.

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