SEBLOD Multi Sites
Multiple websites - one Joomla! installation
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SEBLOD multisites is a feature that allows you to run multiple website domains (or sub domains) off a single installation of Joomla! and SEBLOD. It's very useful in the following scenarios:
  • Company websites with multiple departments that each need their own website. SEBLOD Multi Sites allows you to have administrator access for individual departments, as well as global admin access across all domains hosted with SEBLOD multisites
  • When you want to share content between multiple websites
  • If you have different regional websites for different parts of the world
  • If you need a single Joomla installation which powers multiple sub-domains or completely different domains

How it works

SEBLOD multisites leverages the Joomla User Access Levels and User Groups in order to control which content is displayed to website visitors depending on the URL they are visiting. When you set up a new domain with SEBLOD multisites, you are automatically created a new tree of User Groups and Access Levels to manage these viewing permissions.

Enabling SEBLOD Multisites

To enable SEBLOD Multisites, go to your Global Configuration panel in Joomla, Click on SEBLOD, got to the Multi-Sites tab and change the Multi-sites System options to "Yes".
You are now ready to create your first "site" using SEBLOD multisites
In the SEBLOD Site Manager, click on "New" to add a second website to your Joomla Installation. In the popup modal window, you will be able to select which configuration you want to use to get started. These three settings are the same functionally, they just change how many users, user groups and access levels are created automatically when your new site is added.

Follow the instructions in the Setting Up Multi-sites manual for more information on how to set up multi-sites

Multi-Sites Case Study: Titan Corporation, Australia

Titan Garages and Sheds Australia Website Thumbnail Titan Corporation are an Australian-based manufacturer of Quality Garages and Sheds. The corporation exists of a number of sub-businesses that each cater to a different market. Each sub-business has it's own brand, identity and staff. They required a solution so that they could manage all of their sites' content in one place - and SEBLOD multi-sites suits that need perfectly. This multi-site implementation was completed by Australian-based digital agency Menace Group.

The preview on the right showcases Titan Garages and Sheds' main website. Their Australia-based specialty business focusing on Roller Doors can be found at Additionally, they have a third business website which is still under development which will be included in this multi-site implementation in the coming weeks. You can see that the site leverages the a similar template structure, but incorporates the different brand identity.

For Titan, it was important that they could have staff within their sub-businesses manage content only related to the sub-business, as well as general staff working in all businesses to have access to all content on all sites. Through SEBLOD multi-sites access control, different access levels were configured to achieve this goal. There are "Global administrators" who have a single login account to edit content on any site, as well as "Branch administrators" who can only alter content for their business' website.

This SEBLOD Multi-site Implementation Features:

If you have an implementation of SEBLOD multi-sites you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to upload it to the SEBLOD showcase, and let us know about it in the comments below.
Need help setting up SEBLOD multi-sites for a project? Octopoos can help! Check out our support packages to get started today!
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