Top 2015 Websites
Chosen by the community showcase editor
As 2015 comes to a close, we’re looking back over the past year at 5 of our favourite websites that have been submitted to the SEBLOD showcase.

2015 was a huge year for SEBLOD. We’ve had a couple of major releases, a range of big upgrades and new features, big changes to the website, the launch of some great user-friendly SEBLOD apps, and we also sponsored 15 Joomla! Events.

The true measure of this year’s success for us is being able to look at all of the brilliant websites that have been submitted to the showcase throughout the year. These sites are testament to the power the SEBLOD gives developers to build powerful web applications with Joomla! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to submit sites to the showcase, and we look forward to seeing what you build in 2016.  

Belmondo Travel Portal

Belmondo travel portal aims to deliver unified search experience for users searching for travel and vacation packages, flight tickets or hotels.

This website features:
  • Different SEBLOD lists for deals and special offers on the homepage (3 times) and on content specific pages on linked at the top. Masonry template was used for 6 big offer boxes on homepage to cater for different screen sizes.
  • SEBLOD form fields in the search forms (SEBLOD used as form builder) and fully SEBLOD-powered contact forms.
  • Custom search engine/component that queries own database and 7 different webservices into single result set
  • Datatables script to render search results
Check it out: – recruitment in the dental sector is a website which services recruitment in the dental sector. SEBLOD manages all the career opportunities and job searches and some news around the topic. Candidates can apply for a job directly on the job ad page and possible clients can have a look on the candidates which are active searching for a job. In the Newssection contents can be hidden from non-community members to attract them to get a free membership in the smilo community.
Check it out:


This website was created for the famous French university La SORBONNE. The designers and developers re-designed the Libraries Direction Unit in a new responsive template that matches large screens as well as tablets and smartphones. The site is used by the inner students of the university as a search tool, as the developers have connected the Joomla! / SEBLOD site with the documents information system of the university. Automatic daily cron tasks update the contents of the site. Neat!
Take a look:

Sunliner Motorhomes

Sunliner are a Motorhome designer and manufacturer in Australia. Their website is build and designed to showcase their beautiful vehicles.

The site features:
  • Full mobile-responsive design with Bootstrap 3
  • SEBLOD-powered enquiry forms
  • SEBLOD-powered gallery
  • Dynamically-linked product content (layouts, gallery images, chassis options and styles)
  • SEBLOD and Owl Carousel image slideshows and carousels
  • Dealer locator with seb_map template and Address to Coordinates
Check it out:


Finally, we couldn’t resist adding one of our favourite sites from Octopoos for the year. Inidev is a crowdsource funding website that was designed and built for UniFund. The site features some great iconography, responsive design, in-place content editing, and much more.
Take a look:

Thanks again to all of the agencies, designers and developers who have submitted sites to the SEBLOD showcase throughout the year. If you have a website you’re proud of which features SEBLOD and Joomla!, please consider uploading it to the showcase!

Happy New Year.
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