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Monthly App Releases and Premium access
Today, we are glad to announce new offers on
A while ago some of you requested we launch a subscription based package.
We've spent some time thinking how to do this in a way that would satisfy most of you, guys (web agencies, developers, integrators, end-users), and we are now ready to move forward!

Here's what we have to offer.
3 VIP memberships:
  • Standard: 6 month membership with Monthly App releases
  • Standard+: 12 month membership with Monthly App releases
  • Premium: 12 month membership with Monthly App releases + all products from the Octopoos store which gives you an unlimited access to SEBLOD
All VIP memberships give you access to dedicated and private forums. The VIP Premium also includes one hour of professional support (Skype or Google Hangout).

Also as of today.. and until June 2th, we've added an exclusive discount of 30%, that will be applied on all your orders for both memberships or products purchase.

Last but not least, one more change that will surely please integrators is that all plugins that were available on our marketplace at 5€ are now free !

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10 years ago
Great! Where are the subscription packages? There are only some vip apps behind the discover Link.

Still a free version?

10 years ago
Will the extension stay free for download?


10 years ago
too happy! ...I need some clarifications:
1 - "Get access to this app, all other available apps, and upcoming ones during your membership..": Please, Can you tell us the Apps release plan for next year ? (at least from now to the end of year)
2 - "Full Access to Octopoos store": For most of the products, that are with "Free Updates" and "Lifetime License", this mean forever, Am I right ?
3 - "Monthly App Releases": Do you mean updates ?
4 - "Private Support Forums": Please, Can you give us more details on this "Support Forum" rules ? (like response time)
5 - "Quick Start Packages (starting June..)": Please, Can you explain what will be ?
and, finally, will 30% discount be valid until when ?

Quelle surprise! - New free products?

10 years ago
"...all plugins that were available on our marketplace at 5€ are now free."

Please, could you specify WHICH are those products? Maybe here, in forum or in Changelog. Thanks in advance.

New free products

10 years ago
- Address to Coordinates
- Checkbox Numeric
- Credit Cards Pack (4 plug-ins)
- Date
- Phone
- Radio Numeric
- SEBLOD Canonical
- SEBLOD Search (JS)
- SEBLOD Site (Multi-sites)
- Zip Code

more description

10 years ago
juat to support joomleb with his request. Give please more explanation! why all the time we have to discover your product's performence...I'm not gonna buy anyone subscription until it will be exlained properly. Please, do so - that's your interest.

Great news!

10 years ago
I like what I see, but I support the comments here. Keep on going working with the docs and being transparent. Expect everybody to know nothing about anything Seblod, products, and services. That's how Seblod will blossom :)

Great !

10 years ago
I use Seblod to builde some sites.
I'm willing to pay for your supports.

Membership details

10 years ago
Thanks for your comments guys!
Here are some additional info.


9 years ago