JoomlaDay Poland Warsaw
Session(s), Sponsoring
Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
ul. Koszykowa 86
SEBLOD at JoomlaDay Poland 2014.

Klas Berlic:
For me this was an exciting event even before it started - due to Airfrance strike that prevented Mehdi from flying to Poland it was decided to send me as an replacement just 2 days before the event, a decision that meant few sleepless hours for me as I wanted to get prepared for the two presentations and also deal with all logistics on time.
Luckily my hotel was close to the venue so I could work on the first one literally minutes before the start, but unfortunately it also meant I missed most of the first day presentations. Following Mehdi's masterplan I prepared two sessions:
First presentation was structured as a general overview of SEBLOD - defining what SEBLOD is and how it works, explaining its basic building blocks, its structure and inner mechanics. Second session was a kind of continuation of the first session in a more practical sense, starting from the SEBLOD interface leading all the way to the full example application with all bells and whistles and possible hidden details included. If we put technical problems in the first session aside, I hope presentations were still informative and inspiring enough to get at least few visitors to try and use SEBLOD for own projects and possibly join our community on the forums or by using one of our services.
Also thanks to the organizers, it was a good event and to mr. Edward Piekarsky for driving me around and showing me some secrets of Warshaw, would be impossible to see all that without you.