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Screen shot below:


Shows item title link settings with mapped categories and menu items.

Since upgrade to 3.16.0 the urls produced by search fail to locate the actual path to the item (if you don't recognise the screenshot settings this is a solution for Seblod getting the right search ids for menu items/modules etc)

Not only this they put the same path, eg:
for all results.

The format used is: {art_catid:59}=345
Is this still the correct format?

How to make seblod get the correct urls?

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I think I have the same issue:
I have a list displayed on the frontpage (Itemid=101). When you click on an item to view the complete item, the URL has the same Itemid (101) as the frontpage, no matter what other menu item I set in the link settings of the element. I think I tried every combination of settings and nothin changes. This is really annoying because the frontpage has a different layout as the other pages.

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This should still work, do you actually have this field in the list, e.g. on hidden position?

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