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8 years ago

Hi folks

I'm writing this so that someone might give me "yes" or "no" type feedback for my thoughts:

If I am creating a new content type (article or blank) I am best advised to use the fields that exist already:

Field for Article Title

  • Type: Text
  • Title: Article Title
  • Name: art_title (machine name used in DB)
  • Label: Title
  • Format / Object: Standard | Article | title

Field for Article Alias

  • Type: Text
  • Title: Article Alias
  • Name: art_alias (machine name used in DB)
  • Label: Alias
  • Format / Object: Standard | Article | Alias

I have tried to create a new field that does the same thing, but each time the title and alias are timestamped...

I will update this post as I learn more, feel free to assist :)

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