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2 years ago

I'd like to implement an easy way to share SEBLOD-generated content to facebook and twitter. I know there are many plugins around, but not all seem to work equally well with SEBLOD. Does anyone have any experience with this and can recommend a solution that works? Happy to look at external providers free or paid as well as a SEBLOD-internal implementation.

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I looked at Joocial a while ago and it pretty much made every step harder and was a complete was of my time. Manually sharing a post each time was much quicker and easier.

I understand they might have updated their plugins for a smoother experience so may be different now.

I’m keen to see what people do, too.

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+1 Yes, it is running well. Good support. You can find it here

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You can use service like addthis, they share page client side so it is irrelevant what system generated it

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