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3 years ago

Hi. In the Submit button, I need it to run a javascript (js) function that checks a hidden field for a value, then if there is something there, can save and close the form, if not display an alert. It needs to be a combination of a free button with a link that calls a js function, and a submit button that saves and closes if the "if" statement in the js code is good. Also, if the required fields are not filled in, then it will display the tool tips and make the user fill in the fields - this is what the submit button does.

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3 years ago
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Hello Julie,
it looks like you are searching for a Validation on the field.
It's native in SEBLOD.

On your form, with the option 3, you can add 2 things:

  • The Required
  • A custom validation

For example:  


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