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How do you create a Seblod field and have it point to a content table field such as title and catid?

I did have two fields that did that then it just changed where they are storing data in the cck_store_item_content in the added columns, art_catid and art_title.

Fields changed from storing data in the content table to storing data in the cck_store_item_content table:

art_title -> content.title -> cck_store_item_content.art_title

art_catid -> content.catid -> cck_store_item_content.art_catid

In the storage section of the field, there is an arrow that popups a content table column selection but it does not seem to do anything, and the column name is not saved so next time you open the popup, the column name is displayed. It seems from documentation here, the storage section used to show the associated database table column name but in the current Seblod version, it does not do that.

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Hi Tina. Create your field in the fields section (not in your custom content type). In the storage column field, don't write the value, instead select the column from the #__content table.


You can always make corrections in the PhpMyAdmin. Find your field in the #__cck_core_fields table and change the storage_table value.

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