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5 years ago

Hi all

Or is it good news everyone.

Needed to limit users (article creators) with picture spamming in webpage (forbid uploading).

So I made that user in backend has dropdown field with company name to select and in frontend this field shows company image. Not achievable with one field.

1. In Admin view. Made simple select field with company & image values ->  Royal Caribbean International=images/folder/rccl_logo.png . For user it shows up as name, in db it writes image value (folder and name). db table column "cruise_logo" (this one is important to remember for next steps)
2. For Content view. I made "Upload - Image field". Field is pointed to the same db column "cruise_logo" as for previous Simple select field. You need to set up folder values, etc what this field needs. And for Typography set it to Image.

This proves that you should not limit one value to one type of field and vice versa I think.
I had this confusion for long time and could not get out of it as my thinking stuck on that one value should work on both sides with one exact field.
Now I know that you can mix fields for frontend and backend.


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