5 years ago

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to add e.g. an image within a text area
- the image being an on the fly added SEBLOD predefined field of type "image" or article of a predefined content type
and the text area being a SEBLOD text field?

This way images that are added to the content benefit from all the SEBLOD features, too
e.g. responsive image sourceset, etc.,
like the "media" button here in the SEBLOD forum editor.

Also, blocks like "quotes" could be designed as a field or content type and
be freely placed within the layout dynamically, depending on what the content author needs to publish.

If this is not possible, I'd like to request this feature. :)

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5 years ago
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It is not possible, but Wysiwyg editors like Jce have similar features built in.

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