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5 years ago

The field fiel-x in list search at whom what ideas isn't displayed? 

Catastrophic stop of work 

That I have made: 

1. I have created Content type 

2. I have created List Search on its basis 

3. I have broadened the number of the removed fields at the expense of Search Join plug-ins + with Search Query 

4. I have received such picture 

5. In spite of the fact that the inquiry answers with SQL to my expectations 

SELECT t0.id AS pid,t0.pk AS pk,t0.pkb AS pkb,t0.parent_id AS parent,t0.author_id AS author,t0.cck AS cck,t0.storage_location AS loc,tt.id AS type_id,tt.alias AS type_alias,
t1.cck as t1cck, t1.icon_ct as t1icon_ct, t1.subject_task as t1subject_task, t1.image_ct as t1image_ct,
t2.title as t2title, t2.introtext as t2introtext
FROM `y7sth_cck_core` AS t0
LEFT JOIN `y7sth_cck_subscription_cards` AS t3 ON t3.id = t0.pk
LEFT JOIN `y7sth_cck_store_item_content` AS t1 ON t1.id = t3.card_id
LEFT JOIN `y7sth_content` AS t2 ON t2.id = t3.card_id
LEFT JOIN `y7sth_cck_core_types` AS tt ON tt.name = t0.cck

and to the fact that the field is perfectly displayed in Item content view 

6. In List Search I don't see result, any signs of an additional marking 

 After long attempts to study Seblod it is strong surprise for determination to work with it.
Nevertheless the hope doesn't leave that someone will help me from community. 

With warm gratitude to all.      

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41 Posts
5 years ago
Level 1

Klas:  Why are you using free object in the fieldX storage?

Klas,excuse probably this your council has inspired me. Perhaps I have taken too literally? 

I have noticed that the field image creates the inquiries and doesn't use the field of the main inquiry, alas. But how after all to solve this problem "I will can't understand".

I will be grateful for any council for this question

one more reason was the fact that the field a container for additional pictures lies in content type (artice based) and the main CT free based

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