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Please help me with the storage options for my field and fieldx to make possible a search list with a live value.

I made a related article field "autor" and then a fieldX field "autor_x". Both are in my content type admin form, both are locked to my content type. In my content type article it seem to work, the related articles are listed and their links works, but when I try to retrive this fieldx values to search all the "autors" related to this article (making a search/list content type and a module) I dont get any result because in my database table the  "autor" column is empty :(

How can I save my field "autor" values besides the fieldX "autor_x" in the conte type table??


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Managed to get this working?

I'm struggelign with the exact same issue and I've read everything I can find about it - without solving it.

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