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5 years ago

Hi everybody,

after days of attempts to solve an issue I have decided to ask the help of the Community. I have the Select Dynamic Cascade plugin and used it to select from the database (in the order) the name of a Veterinary, select a type of animal among those he has, the name of an animal of that type.

I'm able to do correctly the queries for the first two dynamic cascades but then I need to make a query (using WHERE) in the third cascade using both the name of the Veterinary and the type of animal. In particular I'm unable to get (and use in the query) the value of the name of the Veterinary selected. I'm using the Site Form View, not the Intro or the Content view. I have also purchased the SD Live CCK Field plugin in an attempt to grab the value selected of the name of Veterinary but without success... may be I don't use it correctly.

Essentially my question concern how to make a query in the third Dynamic Cascade using both the two field values previously selected.

Any help is welcome... I have finished all my bullets :-)

Thank you !

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5 years ago
Level 1

Hello insomnia1956,

welcome on SEBLOD forum.

Like it's saying in the title of the plugin, it's a cascade, so a select construct it's query depending on the result of THE previous select in the cascade.

If you need the result of two selects, I would say that your database organisation is not good.

You can have a look to the tutorial below.



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