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7 months ago

We should not have to pay for help to get a product to work the way it's supposed to help.  How do we get this type of help?  For example, the counts are wrong, it will not work correctly on anything above php 8.0 as of 12/2/2023, etc.  I am very frustrated and am looking for another product.  I spent years learning this product and really like it - or I did.  But it has not worked correctly since Joomla 4 and SEBLOD 4.x and we should not have to pay to get it to work the way it is supposed to work.  How do we get help for these types of issues?

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I check in on this forum every now and then to see the latest developments. People REALLY need to be aware and read my and others feedback on the experience of using Seblod.

And ACCEPT it.

It is very strange (why present a product for users to feel abandoned)

it is very counter-intuitive (surely you would encourage and support users)

it is very disappointing (such a shame to commit to using a product to discover the typical and reasonably anticipated support does not exist)

it is an own-goal (could be the king of the hill),

it is not for the feint-hearted (know how to use PHP, MySQL etc or walk back out the door before you burn yourself)

It seems to me that the shortcuts you might hope for with Seblod do not materialise in the long run because of the roadblocks and brick walls you will run in to. 

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The issue is primarily financial, I believe. We're no longer in the situation from a few years ago where it was possible for enthusiasts to maintain complex open-source solutions. Now there are professionals, and professionals need to make money (for themselves and for their employees). I wouldn't be shocked to have to pay for an annual license for Seblod, which would help to pool the costs. However, there would need to be a reasonable licensing fee and a bug-free Seblod

. I imagine that this path has been explored by Seblod's developers, can an annual licensing amount be mentioned? There is also now the question of Joomla's evolution, becoming less and less usable by the general public. If Joomla becomes reserved for a small slice of website designers, do its components have a future? 

Texte traduit par GPT4, je n'aurais jamais pu écrire cela en anglais :)

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I completely agree with you. I have the feeling that the issue, more than financial, is the developers' time constraint. They must have their own jobs and must be very busy at the moment, which is why this feels so neglected. But this is just a personal feeling.

However, if they haven't given up yet, there is still hope that this will move forward.

I would be happy to pay an annual subscription or license, in addition to other paid features, just to have an app simply maintained by its developers.

Thank you.

Best regards

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