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I understand
4 years ago

Hi everybody.

I want to hide some fields of a content type to a specific access level.

It's possible to do this with seblod?


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4 years ago
Level 1

Hi Rafael,

in each view of a content type or search type, with the option 4, you can set the "Access" for each field.

You also have an other solution, always when clicking on option 4, with "Restriction Joomla Access"



4 years ago
Level 2

Hi Lionel, thanks for you answer.

I tried some configurations after your answer and I was not able to hide specific fields to specific access level.

My issue is that i have a content type, in this content type I have 2 fields and I want to able "Access level 'A' group" to create this content type and edit all fields. After this step, I want that the "Access Level 'B' group" not be able to create this content type, and see just the second field to edit.

Thanks again.

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4 years ago
Level 3

One idea here is to create the form (Standard Storage), (A)

then create another form (FREE Storage) pointing to the table of the first form with appropriate fields.

So you don't allow Level B access at all or allow them to create content on form A, but allow them to edit the appropriate field on Form B.

4 years ago
Level 4

Hello webone! Again :D

Thanks for your answer.

Today i make more tests and with joomla acl it's possible to do what I need.

I try your tip too, but in your way the second access level it's just able to update and not edit, correct? And to do this, I will need a cck dynamic select to take the id of a article i want to update, right?

4 years ago
Level 1

Well i tried some configurations with joomla acl and seblod. And I figure out how to do this.

It's very simple to do this.

1 - In menu  joomla users groups create two groups "group a" and "group b". This groups needs to be child of group "manager".

2 - In menu access levels create two access levels "access level a" and "access level b".

3 - Assign the "group a" to "access level a" and "group b" to "access level b".

4 - Create the users, and do the same thing. Assign "User a" to "group a", and "User b"  to "group b".

5 - Create your fields normally and choose the button 4 (Access + Restriction).

6 - In seblod your fields come with value "public" by default. When your field is public, all users be able to see this field. Now you just have to change the access level that you want to able to see the field.


If access level is "access level a", just users is assigned to this access can see this field.

If access level is "access level b", just users is assigned to this access can see this field.

If access level is "public", all users can see this field.

Thanks to all!

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