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I'm trying to implement this project: a catalog of products. This catalog must be used within the store (via ipad). Customers NOT have an account but are recorded in a table "customer". 

Customers can view products and add them to a sort of wish list, this list should be saved, because the customer can return after days and resume his selection to complete it or modify it. Some parts of the project I focused and realized, 

I have a problem though on saving customer information on the wish list. The first operation which must be done in the application is the choice of the customer It is then shown the list of products, the customer can open the individual products, and possibly add to his wish. 

The problem is that I can not find a way to save in the table whishlist data about the customer; I can only save the information on the product just selected. I seem to have realized that there isn't a way to create session variables, but I have to pass variables only by the URL. But how do I pass a variable in the URL from the "customer" list to the "products" list?

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project sounds cool.  

Is this not what you need?


Maybbe, maybe not  ...

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Link posted by Bucklash should help you. Session would not be helpfull to you as sessions don't last few days - you would need to use cookies. For that you could use code fields from Code pack.

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Hi and thanks for your help,

I already use the pass-a-field-or-variable-value-to-the-link (after customer selection i retrive old wishlist by this plugin) but there are situations where it is not help me... I believe that cookies is the most practical choice.

So I should use CODE PACK and create cookies in JS ? Is it correct?


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You can create cookies using server side code 


(using e.g. beforeRender event) or client side using javascript

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