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Hello Seblod's comunity!

I know that GroupX does'nt support another groupX inside it.
Can anyone advice in this case how to rich this goal, let me describe a little: 

  A tour can have unknown number of days, every day contents one picture, title and time's description just as you can see on the picture below,

So the question is about time's description, any suggestions would be appreciated

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Only way that comes to my mind is to have manually created table for that - or get rid of groupX and separate the whole thing into different content types and the show them using nested lists with perhaps some position override to show them the same way as you do. But this second way is much more complicated for the user as he would first have to enter tour name as one item fro tour content type, than  every hour, it's description, tour and day combination as separate program content item.

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5 years ago
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Klas, thank you again! It seems like more easy to go on the first way - manually create all fields needed for time's description.

P.S. That would be great if Seblod has such important future - groupX in groupX 

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