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5 years ago

Hi Friends,

I updated seblod and joomla, 

tried to import as usual, but it shows an error:

Could not bind the data source in Joomla\CMS\Table\Content::bind(), the source must be an array or object but a "NULL" was given.

Does anyone know how to resolve it?

Best Regards

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5 years ago
Level 1

Tried to reinstall the "importer" component and it is completely gone with this error:

Call to undefined method JCckDev::getFormFromHelper()

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5 years ago
Level 2

Before using importer to import csv data checking few things can save someone's time :

1. Go to options (button at the top right of the importer component page) the settings worked good for me are:

  • AJAX Mode
  • Items per AJAX request - 25

2. Content Object in the "forms & content type"

This must be set to the actual object you have created form on, like article/ user/ free etc. (I don't know why and how it got updated to "none" )

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