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7 years ago

Hi all

I need help and explanation... How i can install and use Bootstrap File Input plugin (whit multi-uploads file) whit SEBLOD... I don't have any idea about it...

Thank you in advance for your answers

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6 years ago
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Sorry for the late reply.

Regarding the installation description of the plugin, what you would need to do is :

  1. Upload the 'fileinput.min.js' and 'fileinput.min.css' plugin files to your server in a folder of your website.
  2. Load these 2 files by updating your Joomla! template file where css and js files are loaded (take care of the path)
  3. In your SEBLOD input file field, add some js (by clicking on the bottom right expanding arrow of your field configuration form) to activate the code for your field (replace field_name with your field name). Set plugin options if needed as described in the documentation:

    // initialize with defaults


    // with plugin options
    $("#field_name").fileinput({'showUpload':false, 'previewFileType':'any'})

Let us know how this went for you.


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