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Pablo A
4 years ago

JSON not working with Field X as suggested in documentation. 
I could only use SEBLOD Syntax as the storage for a Field X repeating a Text Field

JSON storage, in my opinion, is more scalable than using seblod sintax, so i wonder if this is a bug or the functionality simply does not exist.

Parameters used: 

JSON | Article | some_field[some_key]

I checked and nothing is stored in the database.

i tried other combinations with and without [some_key] with no success

All is up-todate. Just in case, the database is MariaDB 10.2

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4 years ago
Level 1

Is only seblod syntax

JSON does sound like a more modern and familiar way though doesn’t it :)

4 years ago
Level 1


JSON storage support was never implemented on the Field X (which indeed still uses the initial/old SEBLOD syntax), but we all agree that it would be much better.

The enhancement has not been planned yet, but if someone wishes to sponsor it, feel free to contact us.


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