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I need to cloak the mailaddresses. When entering a mail as plain text or when I use $cck->renderField the mail is cloaked, but when using below code to create a mail button the address does not get cloaked.

href="mailto:<?php echo $cck->getValue( 'shop_email' ); ?>"

Any suggestions?

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5 years ago
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Probably cloaking plugin is run before this is created, tTake a look at Joomla content plugins order, Seblod content plugin should be on the first place.

5 years ago
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Thank you for your reply. I already found that Seblod should be the first content plugin and moved it upwards. Though, it does not solve the problem.

Entering a mailadress as plain text is cloaked. When I write my own mailto link the address gets cloaked as well.

Only when I contruct a url as described the address does not get cloaked.

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