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3 years ago

Hi folks

I have made a plugin (on GitHub) that allows you to map data like Joomla! does with users and usergroups in #__user_usergroup_map

The idea is that you have say a teacher.

And she has students.

You can store the student id's in db like "132,453,635,6455" and you can search fine in most cases using 3/Match -> any words exact -> multiple...

However, there are times when you really need the data stored in it's own record i.e 

id - teacher - student

1 - 123 - 132

2 - 123 - 453

3 - 123 - 635

4 - 123 - 6455

Get the idea?

So far it works really well but...

If you want to help me finish it off, please let me know.

Info about db etc

info about data to be stored

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