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I'm doing a form (backend) like a document description where it would have the title, the author, etc. and the link to download it in pdf in the frontend of the website. For this I'm using media field (jform_media). I have already all my pdf stored in my media folder. But when I'm testing the form, I can't find or select a pdf file stored in my media folder. I can only see or select jpg files which are stored there. It seems there is a filter that allows only to choose jpg files.

How can I resolve my problem? 

Thanks a lot if you have any solution because I have worked on it for many days now...


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Hi jonathancrftc,

I'm not sure why you can only see image files, but since it's a jform field - I'd say this is a Joomla thing? Potentially not a SEBLOD-specific issue.

Why don't you use a simple file upload field to attach your files to your content? It's a purpose built field for what you are trying to do.


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