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I understand
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3 months ago

Hello Everyone!

I was just wondering if there is some kind of hack to override the default max number of custom attributes, now set at 6.

I know it's kinda weird since 6 is already enough for most cases but I think it can suit my needs, soon or later.
(Since I'd need to use those in radio/checkboxes option I don't think that using the manual code input is a viable option)

Thank you!

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39 Posts
1 month ago
Level 1

So, for everyone interested, I've found a workaround

I have another field, same kind and same options, of the first one, I just change the custom attributes.

At this point I set the conditional rule, the value of this field is filled by the value of the previous one, this way I double the number of attibutes I can use.

Not perfect but functional.

39 Posts
1 month ago
Level 2

I need to say, though, that this solution seem not to be consistent.

I have a field that should be filled with the custom attribute from the "copy" of the main field but it fails to comply, though the right checkbox is checked in the right moment.

any thoughts on that?

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