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Hi there,

I have a Joomla site with more than 20 subdomains. I want to use the multisite feature of seblod for this.
The content of each subdomain will be edited by its own publisher in the frontend.
When creating a new content, the publisher can select to which of the subdomains categories this content will be assigned.
For this feature, I create a large list of all categories, where the categories of each subdomain will be childs of one parent category.
By assigning each category to the access level of the subdomain, the publisher will only view the categories of his own subdomain in the select box. 

Unfortunately, the categories with the access level of "public" can be selected too.

I tried to avoid this, by creating a dynamic selection box, to display only the categories of the subdomains. Now all categories of all subdomains are displayed, because my selection box does not recognize, to which access level the user is restricted.
Does anyone has any idea, how to hide the categories of the access level "public" from my category selection box? Or how to recognize the desired access level in my dynamic selection box, so that I can display the categories of this subdomain without the public categories?

Otherwise I would have to create about 20 content types, instead of one content type.

Thanks to all   :-)


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Categories table has access column, this is access level id, you can match that id with "$user->getAuthorisedViewLevels()" which can be used in select dynamic and will be replaced by comma separated values of users access levels. You can match both like this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5033047/mysql-query-finding-values-in-a-comma-separated-string#5033094

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This is great. I didn't beleave, this would be possible.

Thank you very much.


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