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5 years ago

Hi folks

SOLVED: I had written the JS incorrectly, not sure what correct is yet so just removed it

While creating a plugin for Seblod I have stumbled upon a glitch...

I have no options to apply when setting up the field for a form, see image:

What is the source of the glitch?

In my_plugin/tmpl/edit.php....

I have manually written the fields but no output.

I copied from other plugins, using 

echo JCckDev::renderForm( <span style="background-color: initial; font-size: 1em;">'core_options_from_param', @$options2['from_name_param'], $config, array( 'label' => 'From Name Field', 'storage_field' => 'json[options2][from_name_param]' ) );</span>

But no joy.

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