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I understand
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2 years ago

I want to add a custom variable to a free button. The problem is that I want to populate the variable with the contant of a dynamic cascade field.

The link I desire is something like this:[value]&...[other parameters]

I try to fill the value in fields->form_settings (you can see the screenshots) 

identifing the value of the field using the syntax #dynamicfieldname#, or @dynamicfieldname, but doesn't work.

Setting a static value in the get parameter of the url it passes.

Someone can help me? thank you

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2 years ago
Level 1

This would work on content with , but not on form,  fields in the form don't have any value until form is saved so they can't be retrieved. Your only option is to modify link using javascript.

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2 years ago
Level 2

Problem solved.


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