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Hi Sebloders

What I'm trying to do with this plugin:

in content vew to show a list of similar articles without currently vewied article.

To do that I use module List&search and plugin SD Live CCK Field. I want to pass the art_id value from current article to the search&list module.

1) in Search_form of search type I add field art_id, then in number "2" select "SD Live CCK Field" and in it's configuration set art_id,

2) in number "3" select Math "Not Equal" + quoted,

3) put the field "art_id" to the content type of article and to the searh type in tub "Item", but in the result I get no changes, the current article still appears in the list.

But when I manually put any value of article ID then works perfect...

What I'm doing wrong? Why plugin is not working?

Or is there other way to reach my goal?

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5 years ago
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If sd live is not working you can use URL variable live plugin, article id is present in the url as variable 'id'.

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5 years ago
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Hi Kosh, I was using SD Live CCK Field on a Seblod 3.15.x and it worked very well. But I have noticed that each time I'm trying to update to Seblod 3.16.x, that plugin stopped prepopulate my fields... Unfortunally i can' t figure out why...

See my topic here : Problem with SD Live CCK Field

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