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4 months ago

Hi, I'm trying to set up a directory of movies and would like to list actors and directors using the related articles field. I've set up content types for movies, actors and directors and have added sample data to each category. I've also downloaded and installed the "Related Articles" function separately.

When I set up the related articles field in my movie content type I can select actors and directors in the respective drop down menus on article creation. In the frontend the correct actors and directors are displayed. However, the link that is created does not link to the actor's or director's article, but back to the movie article I am currently viewing

I am sure I am missing something in how to set up the link. Could someone please explain how to set up the link in the content view in the backend correctly so that the frontend link goes to the correct actor / director article? Thanks in advance!

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40 Posts
4 months ago
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Ok, so it took me the best part of the evening but I finally figured out where I went wrong:

  1. I had set up the menu items using Joomla default (category view) instead of the SEBLOD List & Search Type. Changing all the menus over to the SEBLOD type helped a lot.
  2. I hadn't realised that the related article field comes with its own field settings that overrides anything you put into the link view on the content overview. Once I had realised that it was pretty straight forward. 

In case anyone else reads this later: When editing the content view in your content type, don't attempt to enter the correct menu for the linked item in the link view (by clicking on [2]). Instead you need to edit the field itself. There you will find a box called "Processing" with a drop down menu labeled "Display (Parent)". Next to the drop down menu you will find a litte blue +. You need to click on this + to select the correct menu for the item type you want to link to.

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