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Hello all

I have purchased and used Simon's SD field concat and other plugins. However, it's been two years since an update and I seem to notice problems when using particularly SD Field Concat on newer Joomla and Seblod installs. Example: on registration form, every field that I used SD Field Concat on crashes on form submission. I get a blank page with just this text at the top, instead of my submission success notice: "#user_first_name# IS A FIELD#user_last_name# IS A FIELD".

Can anyone tell me what the issue is here? Thanx

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No solution to error message, but I like to do the concatenation with SEBLOD's beforestore or afterstore fields.

Also, using javascript to get values from other fields....

SD products are great but like you say, not updated. Some clever dude could provide a new one...

or maybe crowdfund as a way to get seblod to do it.. But really, the above methods work great.



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