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I've created a generic seach field that searches multiple fields on multiple content types and it works perfectly. 

But when someone does a search, I would also like to save their search so that I can see this later (content ideas etc).

How can I make the search button not only do the search, but also store the value of the search field?

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Hi Kenneth,


I'm not 100% sure of the full solution. But if I was to try it I would put a SEBLOD form module on the search page (hidden) and use javascript to take the values that the user entered in the search form, and fill the fields in the form module. 

That part is the easy part. THEN you'd need to find a way to link the buttons together so that when you clicked "search" it also posted the contents of the form at the same time... that I'm not sure about.

Good luck - would love to hear your solution when you find one.

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