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8 years ago

Dear Seblod Developer, 1st of all i want to thank you for the great Seblod Extension. I used the Seblod since the 1.8 Version (jSeblod). The new Version needs also a time for study, but after it, the possibilites are huge and great. Content Types,etc...its partially clear, but i have following Question(s) (i tried to search at the web but didn't find a solution the last 2 Weeks ;-)

Search & List - i created a searchtype named "Application". Linked the Menupoint "Selection" to the List Type "Application". Under the Register "Advanced Options CCK" i have the possility to search for a predefined Field (as i created in seblod search & list type) OR i can search by URL QUERY (Vars).

I want to search the Field "productcode" for a partially value. Example: in a Article the Field "productcode" has value: "gen1-add2-option3"

I want to list all Items that have "add2" AND "option3" in the field. The different subvalues are separated by "-".

Maybe this is a bad idea for searchin but the only possiblity i can imagine.  Does anybody have a idea how i can do this? thank you soo much

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Octopoos - Mehdi
7 years ago
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Hi pyro,

Tnahk you for your post. Sorry for the delay.

Have you fond a solution to this issue?


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