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I understand
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1 month ago


I would like to know how "AKA" works in the Search Generic field.

I need to search a title in multiple  #__content tables (joined using Seblod search join field) and I was wondering if "Aka Target [aka]:value" can help me with that.

I was looking for answers on this forum and  this website but didn't find any info how to use or set  AKA.

Thanks for help


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20 days ago
Level 1

Hi iliil,

yes the AKA is done for that.

Each time you want to jon the same table, simply fill the AKA with a unique name. 


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20 days ago
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Hi Lionel

That's how AKA works in the SEARCH JOIN plugin. But I am asking about the SEARCH GENERIC plugin.

I have let's say 2 content types. "Companies"(Joomla article) and "Workers" (Joomla article incl. company ID field)

In the company search list, I would like to search for a company based on the Worker's Name (Workers #__content.title). 

I use Search Join Plugin to successfully join the workers #__content table.  

If I add art_title field into Search Generic it looks for the Company's #__content.title ONLY, not the joined Worker's #__content title).

Does it make sense?

Is there a way how to achieve this?



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