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Search Join field is showing error "


Unknown column 't0.child_id' in 'on clause'

trying to use this field with custom content types:

project, children, weight

I have 3 tables :

1. Project (id, project_name)

2. Children (id, project_id, name, age)

3. Weight (id, child_id, weight)

I am trying to create a "list and search" based on "Weight" content type in which:

Created a Filter by "project" (select simple with storage Project --> id)

to achieve this I created a search join field "weight_join" in "Weight" Search type

(screenshot 1)

Please give me any clue to resolve it...

Best Regards

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 As written in field description "The table on the right side of each Join line (parameter), is assumed to be already known/defined by the query."

Please copy the whole query you are getting (with debug mode on) before and after you add join field so we can see why it is not working

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4 years ago
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Thanks for your guidance Klas!

Now I started with

id #__content as the Join(1) at the right input boxes

then my other fields....

And it is working perfectly...

Thanks for your kind support and sorry for my silly questions/problems.

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