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2 years ago

I did a redesign of one of my sites and imported all my seblod content types which worked fine but my address to coordinates search stopped working.
Its a doctor search and all required fields (latitide, longitude, address, Country...) are in the database. Address to coordinates field works fine when adding new doctors (generating coodinates from address) but the search & List type is not.

The get request to Google Maps look like this:

GET https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js/AuthenticationService.Authenticate?1shttps://mydomain.de/arztsuche?addresstocoordinatesfield=10245+Berlin%2C+Deutschland&umkreis=10&country=Deutschland&longitude=13.4554471&latitude=52.5019332 &latitude=&longitude=&search=mysearchtype&task=search=&myapikey=&callback=moreapikeystuff&token=1234

As you can see the longitude and latitude fields showing twice here? There are hidden in the search form and match & stage is set to none.

Does anybody know where i can look for wrong setting? 

(latest joomla and seblod and all fields are up to date)

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2 years ago
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Ok when using standard search template the second latitude/longitude in search string is gone.

But now i get an error message when searching: 

Error Code: 1054
Error Message Unknown column 't1.latitude' in 'field list'
Error File /var/www/html/libraries/joomla/database/driver/mysqli.php:665

All fields are placed in search view and list view as well. 

I can see the autocomplete address to coordinates field is filling coordinates to my latitude an longitude fields in search form.
But there is no filtering. 

These are the fields in Search form: 

Address to Coordinates
type: all
country: germany
latitude and longitude field
city and zip code field
storage: standard
Match & Stage: Radius lower than, Latitude and Longitude field are inserted and radius field)

Select numeric field
storage: none
Match & Stage: none

Select simple field (i use this in Content Type as well, so its filled)
storage: standard
Match & Stage: Any Words exact

Text field (i use this in Content Type as well, so its filled)
Storage: standard (dezimal 10.8)
Match & Stage: none

Text field (i use this in Content Type as well, so its filled)
Storage: standard (dezimal 11.8)
Match & Stage: none

Button Submit

In my List view i added Latitude and Longitude field (hidden).

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