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I understand
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6 years ago

Dear experts, friends!

I have read enough information to solve this problem (setting the choice of countries and regions), but even the simplest functional in that direction according to the instructions that are published here and in the office. Online I have not earned.

With Joomla just do not work enough, (that's last work, the migration from Joomla 1.5 to 3.x)

I understand, you can turn the criticism and said to do it you need to know PHP, I know ... but if I know more, I will have to leave, at least from a SEBLOD, now Frameworks very much. Of course I'm not saying that will be possible at 41 to learn programming skills, but the choice is. The same K2 surely will live and grow.

BUT! SEBLOD said terrific functionality, let's build on, but do pay the options available.

The most basic thing.

Help please attach this file (in the archive database MySQL countries and regions):

or tell me how to implement a SEBLOD 3.0.3 and Joomla 3.x choice of countries and regions such as Vkontakte, or at because for many of these sites that use it.

Sincerely, Gregory.

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6 years ago
Level 1


the best way to implement countries and Regions is to use the select dynamic cascade plugin. But it's not yet public, and it will not be free.

To buy it you can email SEBLOD - Bes

Best regards.

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6 years ago
Level 2


I sent you two letters, but did not get any answer ...

Sincerely, Gregory.

6 years ago
Level 3

Hello Grigory,

I send you an email 5 min ago.

Best Regards

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6 years ago
Level 4


I'm also very interested in your dynamic cascade plugin, I sent you an e-mail last week.


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